Williamsport Newborn Photographer : 9/12/18 Asa - whitneyhart

Sometimes my friends move to Omaha, Nebraska right before their brand new bouncing baby boy is born.  Sometimes they like me enough to fly me out to photograph that sweet baby.   Sometimes that means we have a four-day photo shoot (and I come home with 1235 images to sort through.)

Sometimes that baby gets to become a pineapple just like his slightly older cousin, Matilda.

Sometimes that baby gets to pal around with the very same pals his parents used to pal around with.

Sometimes we document that baby's love of ceiling fans and having a good stretch after being released from his sleep sack.

Sometimes I get to prance him to sleep with some Auntie tricks so we can recreate a photo we did to announce that baby's arrival.

The best part of all these sometimes is that I get to spend a whole bunch of time with two fantastic new parents in a city I never expected to visit, but now can't wait to go back.

Thank you to Andrew and Kate for bringing me to your new town, letting me wrangle your baby,  and indulging my love of tourist attractions and brunch.

Welcome to Asa, age 2 months in these photos!

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