Williamsport Senior Photographer : 9/29/18 Noelle, Class of 2019 - whitneyhart

Sometimes we meet in a park for some senior photos.

Sometimes we roam around in the morning sun sitting on benches and loading docks and leaning on walls. Thanks to mom, Misty, for roaming around too.

Sometimes we do a collage of funny faces. Sometimes I say, "BE ANGRY!" and this sweet senior says she isn't sure she has ever been angry.  (That's a little something we all need to learn!)

Sometimes we then get to go to Grandma's house to set up the backdrop and studio lights for official yearbook photos.

Sometimes Great-Grandma sits alongside to watch.

Sometimes Great-Grandma then sneaks away to find her own senior yearbook so that we all get to "ooo and ahhh" over her official senior yearbook photo.

Congratulations to Noelle, Class of 2019!

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